Akimbo Discounts?

#1Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 9/14/22 at 3:26pm

Are there any discounts for Kimberly Akimbo?

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Sutton Ross
#2Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 9/14/22 at 3:35pm

None that I can find. It's incredible given how poor ticket sales are for this show. Discounts are much harder to find than before Covid, unfortunately. But, this show has no names or name recognition, no one knows what it's about. I am surprised so many shows continue to hold back even if their sales are bad.  

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#3Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 9/14/22 at 3:57pm

I’m sure some will surface. Hoping to see it in December myself. Also on the lookout for &Juliet discounts, but I admit that show will probably have a larger audience than Akimbo.

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#4Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 9/14/22 at 4:18pm

Some &Juliet discount tickets using the code “Juliet1.” (I’m also still wondering about Kimberly Akimbo discounts.)

#5Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 9/15/22 at 2:59am

I think people are going to be surprised by how much this show flops and will say it might be gone by the spring (unless producers want to burn money)

the momentum just is not there and it is a very weird show and Victoria Clark is only going to move so many tickets....

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Sutton Ross
#6Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 9/15/22 at 2:22pm

By the Spring? It will be gone by January if things don't pick up immediately. 

#7Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 9/15/22 at 2:51pm

Sutton Ross said: "By the Spring? It will be gone by January if things don't pick up immediately."

I was being generious

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#8Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/2/22 at 1:10pm

I'm almost concerned the show could close on opening night! The amount of availability is staggering. So sad because I loved the show.

"You can't overrate Bernadette Peters. She is such a genius. There's a moment in "Too Many Mornings" and Bernadette doing 'I wore green the last time' - It's a voice that is just already given up - it is so sorrowful. Tragic. You can see from that moment the show is going to be headed into such dark territory and it hinges on this tiny throwaway moment of the voice." - Ben Brantley (2022) "Bernadette's whole, stunning performance [as Rose in Gypsy] galvanized the actors capable of letting loose with her. Bernadette's Rose did take its rightful place, but too late, and unseen by too many who should have seen it" Arthur Laurents (2009) "Sondheim's own favorite star performances? [Bernadette] Peters in ''Sunday in the Park,'' Lansbury in ''Sweeney Todd'' and ''obviously, Ethel was thrilling in 'Gypsy.'' Nytimes, 2000
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#9Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/2/22 at 1:15pm

The aggressive ticket pricing strategy is staggering, especially for a brand-new show without an A-list star opening in the fall. They should be setting ticket prices significantly lower, letting word of mouth spread over the fall and winter, and then raise prices by the springtime when Tony season comes into play. I really worry that this show will see a premature end due to poor producing and management decisions.

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Sutton Ross
#10Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/2/22 at 1:33pm

Yeah, I agree. I'm seeing it the first week it starts because honestly I doubt it will last very long since they refuse to give any real discounts, no one knows what it's about, and there are no names. 

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#11Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/2/22 at 4:55pm

This show is in such a tricky spot because it lends itself to a small theatre and couldn't fill a bigger theatre but, in order to do a musical in an 800-seat house, ticket prices need to be pretty high. 

I truly think that with the right marketing, pricing, discounting, word of mouth, and the reviews it'll probably get, this show could fill the Booth for at least the rest of this season. We aren't there right now though. 

Personally, I'm just waiting for it to inevitably pop up on TDF at this point. 


#12Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/6/22 at 3:01pm

Looks like some discounts are finally popping up—there’s some $134 orchestra seats on today tix now, for weekends. Hopefully the prices come down to earth on this one.

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#13Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/6/22 at 4:00pm

The formula I found to work if you are looking to pay bargain-basement is to go on TodayTix before their Friends & Family Sale ends.

I picked Side Rear Mezz (because there is no bad mezzanine seats in the booth) and with the discount code 20AKIMBO, with fees, the ticket total is $42 (which is probably on par with any rush/lotto and about $20 less than what you’ll end up paying on TDF

Check out my eBay page for sales on Playbills!!

#14Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/6/22 at 7:19pm

I'm looking to get tickets for a Sunday matinee in a few weeks. If I go to TKTS, would I get better seats by purchasing day of performance or the day before? I know its a crapshoot, but I'd like to know people's experiences with purchasing matinee tix at TKTS the day before the performance. Thanks!

#15Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/10/22 at 12:44pm

Just received an email with the code:  KIMSOCIAL

Tickets starting at $49 for performances through November 20th

#16Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/10/22 at 1:53pm

yikes the fact they did a mass email dicount blast the day before previews start does not look good...

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Sutton Ross
#17Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/10/22 at 1:58pm

Aw thanks producers. The $185 discount tickets are a huge help for most people!

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#18Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/10/22 at 3:01pm

BoringBoredBoard40 said: "yikes the fact they did a mass email dicount blast the day before previews start does not look good..."

It's an intimate musical with tricky subject matter, no name-value IP, and no stars. Look at A STRANGE LOOP right now. It is not a surprise that Kimberly is discounting. Even if it gets glowing reviews again, there's no guarantee that it makes it til the Tonys in June. We'll just have to see what happens.

#19Akimbo Discounts?
Posted: 10/10/22 at 8:05pm

looking at the seating chart for the first week I will be surprised if it makes it to Christmas tbh