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Next Elphaba?

#1Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/26/22 at 9:32pm

With Lindsay Pearce announced as the next Janis in the Mean Girls tour, do we know who’s next in line to be Elphaba? 

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#2Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/26/22 at 10:17pm

Julie Benko

#3Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/26/22 at 10:27pm

Ciara Renee.

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#4Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/26/22 at 10:34pm

You, the OP.

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#5Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/27/22 at 7:55am

I'm hoping for Hannah Corneau to return. She didn't get enough time in the role!

Updated On: 4/27/22 at 07:55 AM

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#7Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/27/22 at 2:37pm

Okay… this is the cutest. 
Talia telling her childhood voice teacher:

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#8Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/27/22 at 2:51pm

As disappointed as some of us may be that our next Elphaba on Broadway is not a POC, let us take solace in the fact that starting May 24, the roles of Glinda, the Wizard, Doctor Dillamond, Nessarose, and Boq will all be POC. 

Oh look, a bibu!

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#9Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/27/22 at 3:50pm

I wonder how long Talias contract will be. Both Hannah’s and Lindsay’s were about nine months.

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#10Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/27/22 at 3:52pm

Yay, I’m so happy for Talia. I saw her on the tour several times and she’s a brilliant Elphaba. One of the best I’ve ever seen. 

#11Next Elphaba?
Posted: 4/28/22 at 12:58pm

Call_me_jorge said: "I wonder how long Talias contract will be. Both Hannah’s and Lindsay’s were about nine months."

Brittney's is also 9 months. Her website says she's playing Glinda through November 2022.