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CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews

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#326CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews
Posted: 5/14/24 at 11:58pm

Saw this tonight and thought it was absolutely exhausting, from nearly the beginning to the end. I don’t really understand what all that overdirection (and underdirection during the book scenes) was in service of.

Can’t say I really cared for the performances. Gayle Rankin had her moments in the book scenes, but the production doesn’t actually feel all that interested in Sally and she felt very much lost at sea. Eddie Redmayne is doing everything and the kitchen sink and is in near constant movement for no reason at all. Bebe Neuwirth and Steven Skybell are fine - especially him - but they ultimately don’t really register. Ato Blankson-Wood barely registers.

I just don’t know what all the choices were meant to add up to. Even the preshow promises an all-encompassing, seductive experience, but the show itself never delivered for me. I know many people feel the same, but the audience around me was absolutely raving and I was so turned off by the whole thing.

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#328CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews
Posted: 5/15/24 at 6:46pm

Well just saw the matinee. My seat was in the fake section of tables 3rd row. Yes, it’s tight in there.

This was a big MEH for me. The Sam revival was just amazing and you felt once Alan Cumming opened that door you would enter a crazy world. This did nothing for me. Gayle was “ok” I felt Sally was in the background shadowing the whole time. Gayle’s cabaret was lackluster and the audience was not having it (little applause). Eddie has no presence, his costumes were fun but something was missing. I never felt he was a master of ceremonies

I was kind of hoping Alan or Natasha (from the heavens) would come on the stage and say, “This is how you do it”  Bebe, Steven, and Ato (yes yes) were giving an excellent performance. 
The pre show was ok nothing thrilling in anyway. The audience had no clue were to go half of the time being cattled to the stairs and through this door and that door (a door being behind a curtain did not help) 

The drink prices are $$$. My partner and I decided to get one and it’s not worth the $30 (plus tip) we paid for. 

This cabaret is not the one we were waiting for. 

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