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STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews

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#100STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
Posted: 5/9/24 at 4:30pm

Please excuse if not in correct thread- TodayTix is selling restricted view Balcony seats which come with the disclaimer: “Some of the back of the stage is not seen”. I saw it at Playwrights so I imagine they mean when the group goes into the recording studio. Has anyone sat here at the Golden? Do you miss much? The price is right but I’m taking someone who hasn't seen it and I’d hate to have him miss a lot. Thanks!

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#101STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
Posted: 5/12/24 at 4:37pm

I'm glad I saw this. It lived up to the expectations I had from reading this thread and other social media posts. I thought the characters were clearly defined and deftly performed. I can justify its many Tony nominations.

That said, I wouldn't be comfortable recommending it to anyone without qualifications. During the first half I had the sense that people were squirming in their seats and looking for a clock. In my party of four, two left at intermission because of some variant on "I feel like I'm at Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of people I don't like and don't have any desire to get to know."  The party of roughly eight women in the row in front of us left as well along with the party of three couples behind us. One of the women in front made some comment about the emperor's new clothes in reference to the Tony love. The two of us who stayed felt like we had the rear orchestra practically to ourselves for the second half. I honestly enjoyed that because I felt a kinship and solidarity with those who stayed.

I am enjoying listening to the music now. I do recommend anyone with tickets take the time to listen before seeing the show. It's not essential in order to understand what's going on (it won't do that at all), but will elevate the experience by making what's happening on the stage feel more real; i.e., as if this were a behind-the-scenes look at an actual band.

I also recommend the the first couple of rows behind the premium section in the orchestra. The view and sound were perfect (better than closer rows I imagine) and the price (I paid $90) was very reasonable.

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#102STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
Posted: 5/14/24 at 7:48pm

This question might seem out of left field, but: does anyone have any insight on the title? It obviously relates to the idea of recording an album, but is there any more specific connection between the title and the story? (It could be the name of the band or of the album, neither of which is given in the show.)

#103STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
Posted: 5/16/24 at 9:30am

As mentioned in another thread, I was on business trip and last meeting was at 11am. I knew it was a quick one and I could catch matinee before flying home at night. Looked around at a couple of shows and the price was too high for me and then checked out this show. Only three seats were available and got one of them for $139, I was thrilled.

The show was pretty good although a bit long (3 hours), dragged a bit at times. I am a guy who "geeked" out watching the Beatle documentary (Get Back) so this was right up my alley. I am also a big "Fleetwood Mac" fan so saw the fairly obvious resemblance of Nicks-Buckingham (Peter-Diana) and the McVie's (Reg-Holly) dynamic in the characters. The drummer Simon actually reminds me more of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts who was a good family man and was comfortable being in the background of the group.

The music is excellent but kind of wish we could hear more of it at times. I understand in the recording process you rarely hear full songs and most of the music is fragmented. Really liked that all of the actors played their own instruments. The centerpiece of the show is the growth of Diane who goes from being bullied by Peter to gaining confidence in her ability as a singer and as a person. Overall, this is an excellent cast.

While I really enjoyed this show, it is not for everyone. You really need to be into the sometimes mundane process of creating an album. So I hope anybody who wants to see this show does some research before buying a ticket. 

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#104STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
Posted: 5/16/24 at 10:39am

kdogg36 said: "This question might seem out of left field, but: does anyone have anyinsight on the title? It obviously relates to the idea of recording an album, but is there any more specific connection between the title and the story? (It could be the name of the band or of the album, neither of which is given in the show.)"

It is apparently based on the technical definition of stereophonic sound: “using two or more channels of transmission and reproduction so that the reproduced sound seems to surround the listener and to come from more than one source.” The music is literally recorded in stereophonic sound, but we’re also watching the play from several characters’ perspectives.

#105STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
Posted: 5/16/24 at 2:48pm

Sorry for the late reply - I got $40 preview seats, unrestricted view, in the balcony, C117/119, and the view was fine from there. It sometimes cut the heads off people standing at the BACK of the booth, but nothing of great import happened there - most dialogue and the singers in the booth were toward the front. If you want good facial expressions, opera glasses help, but my friend was fine viewing it from there without...

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Dylan Smith4
#106STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
Posted: 5/20/24 at 12:14pm

I saw the show this past weekend, and can I say that this was probably the greatest original piece of theatre I have seen in recent years! The story was exhilarating and mesmerizing, and the score resembles 70s rock while being refreshingly original! If you can get a ticket, please go see this! I really hope this wins the best score at the Tonys. It would be insane to see a play beat the nominated musical scores. Has that ever happened before?

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